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Small Business SBA
USDA Business and Industrial Loans
Property/Business Types - Manufacturing, Services, Recreation, Tourism, Retail, Hospitality, Distribution, Healthcare, Assisted Living and New Business Ventures.

Eligible Borrowers – Operating businesses, Non-profit organizations, Real Estate Development and Investment Companies for owner occupied properties, commercial lease properties, multifamily housing and community facilities.

USDA Business & Industry Loans - US Department of Agriculture allows qualified lender to provide business and industry financing in cities with fewer than 50,000 people to acquire land, purchase or construct buildings, acquire machinery & equipment, refinance business debt and provide working capital. Loans are fully amortizing over period. Rates can adjust quarterly with Prime or in 5 year intervals with 5 yr swap rates.

  • Loan Size/Pricing
    • $1 Mil to $10 Million/5 yr Swap or Prime + margin
  • Loan to Values
    • Existing Businesses - up to 90%
    • New Businesses - up to 80%
  • Maximum Term (Fully Amortized)
    • Real Estate – 25 to 30 years
    • Equipment – 15 years
    • Working Capital – 7 years
Permitted Use of Proceeds – Real Estate Acquisition or Expansion, Acquisition of Business, Machinery, Equipment, Working Capital, Accounts Receivable and Inventory, Refinancing of Loans, Leases or other Debt, and for Loan Fees, Professional Services and Feasibility Study Costs.

Qualifications - Business must have adequate cashflow, adequate collateral value, life insurance on key principals and personal guarantees on loan for owners with 20% or more ownership.

Ineligible Property/Business Types - Golf Courses, Businesses with 10% or more revenue from legalized gambling, Lending or Investment Institutions, Churches and Charitable Organizations and Insurance Companies.