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What Can I Expect?
What Can I Expect?
NCS Commercial Funding provides commercial real estate loans secured by income producing property. To evaluate a loan request, the information that needs to be analyzed relates to the type and value of the property, its historic and projected performance in producing income and the quality of the borrowing principals. A custom loan will be fit to the specific loan request.

The loan process usually takes 45 to 60 days, the most time given to organizing and finishing the third party reports – appraisal, environmental, mechanical, property inspection and flood. Following receipt of the reports, it takes 7 to 10 days for review, final commitment, legal documents and closing.

To initiate a request, a loan can be entered on broker’s pipeline, with NCS Commercial subsequently being provided with the following:

  • Loan Request “Detail” – a summary of the property, borrower and loan, activated at the pipeline “Detail” tab.
  • Historical Operating Information - 3 years income and expense statements on the property provided by the borrower (refinance)or the seller (purchase, plus contract).
  • Rent Roll - a listing of tenants, terms and specifics.
  • Borrower Information - credit reports on borrowers with 20% or more ownership and two years tax returns.
  • Property Photos - digital pictures of the property,if available.
NCS Commercial provides loan terms in a Conditional Pre-Approval (including broker’s compensation) to the broker for presentation to the borrower. Upon acceptance of the Conditional Pre-Approval, a documentation check list is developed and the third party reports are initiated.