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Welcome to NCS Commercial Funding

NCS Commercial Funding is a national wholesale commercial mortgage lender based in Atlanta, Georgia. Providing commercial loans from $500,000 to $50 million, secured by income producing real estate, NCS Commercial Funding receives loan requests from a commercial loan origination network of over 9,000 mortgage brokers. NCS Commercial was formed to originate commercial loans along side its billion dollar wholesale residential securitizer, NCS Mortgage Services.

NCS Commercial competes with banks and other direct commercial lenders to provide better rates and terms on flagged hotel loans, gas station and convenience store loans, multifamily loans, retail loans, office loans, warehouse loans, industrial loans, mobile home park loans, self storage loans, shopping center loans, and apartment loans.

As a direct commercial lender, NCS Commercial Funding can provide commercial financing faster, easier and with better terms and conditions than bank financing and financing offered by other commercial lending and funding sources. Welcome to NCS Commercial’s family of borrowers, banks, commercial lenders and brokers who have found success in their national commercial financing needs with NCS Commercial Funding's commercial mortgage loans.

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January 19, 2019
NCS Commercial Funding, LLC